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The Project

Background and Site Context

The owners of Sunnyside Greenhouses Ltd. announced their retirement in the spring of 2018 and sold their property to ONE Properties.

ONE Properties acknowledges the significance of the closing of this Calgary landmark and intends to create a high-quality development in its place that enhances the community.

The project site is 15 acres and is located northeast of Sarcee Trail SW and the TransCanada Highway. It also borders an active railway line on the east side of the site. The site is unique because it:

  • Has high visibility from two major transportation corridors (16th Avenue SW/TransCanada Highway and Sarcee Trail SW)
  • Is directly adjacent to a railway line
  • Borders existing commercial properties to the south

The project team is currently in the process of completing baseline studies and engaging with the community to assess various site options.

The Vision

The proposed project is envisioned to offer a variety of uses, including commercial retail and residential.

Although ONE Properties is in the early stages of planning, some aspects of the project have been determined based on market research and site analysis.

The new development could include:

… in Bowness

Market Analysis

As part of the planning process, ONE Properties completed empirical research which included an inventory of existing retail commercial space and analysis of existing customer patterns, and forecasted market growth in the area. Learnings from this study will help guide development of the site. The results show that:

  • There is a low vacancy rate in Bowness; while there are many established commercial properties in Bowness, there is no current opportunity for large format commercial without an epic land assembly.
  • Existing retail is locally focused and cannot satisfy all of the demand. Approximately, 94% of supermarket expenditures are leaving Bowness.
  • Demand supports multiple supermarkets; Trinity’s Save On Food and Melcor’s Farmers Market are not at risk.
  • The site can attract new customers into Bowness from the Trans-Canada Highway, and potential opportunities for such users to cross-shop on Bowness Road.

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